Small Fortunes – Say What You See (2014)

Ho ho! Now this is something that I have watched grow from a silly one-minute-something demo into a full-blown project of epic proportions. Introducing my good ol’ pal Gareth B, whom is a fellow band-mate with me in Merthyr Tydfilian based rap metal (yes!) group Start! Start!. Mr. B is always grooving our tunes up with his mad bass skills, but he doesn’t get much chance to shine on the mic. That’s where Small Fortunes comes in; Gareth B shows us his unique view on the world with this swanky and professional-as-fuck four track EP.

Lamenting us through the medium of auto-tune like some bastard lovechild of Ke$ha and Nate Dogg, Small Fortunes takes us into four real life scenarios told through the exciting method of songwriting. “Baldman Beatdown” tells us how Mr. B mashed up a cider-swilling lout at his local bar, “Mr. Sunday Night” is the hilarious tale of a bloke that he met in the local chippy who didn’t know what day it was, “Crows Nest” is a backlash reaction to some over-enthusiastic music critic, and “A Birthday To Remember” shares the toilet-rattling tale of getting the shits after his birthday meal. I was present for that one, and boy it was ugly!

Despite the enormously sexy artwork, this EP is burned onto CDr, although you’d never guess because Gareth B has put so much love into this little package. The CDrs are styled like lil’ 5″ vinyls, which is right up my street, and the production on the songs by Downtown Studios’ Uncle Richard is very polished and modern. The cartoony artwork by Lauren Orrells is the finishing touch here. These motherfuckers are limited to 50 copies, so act fast and get one from Small Fortunes whilst the going is good! I also have the first Small Fortunes promo single “Caution! Wet Floor!” download card free with every Pointless Records order, so get in!