Prostitute Disfigurement – Deeds Of Derangement (2003)

Before I start, let me just say that this band has one of the most awesome names in the history of all that is grindcore and death metal. Fuck! It’s such a brutal name, and one that still gets thinking “dayuuuum, that’s nasty” even after years of immersion in this type of shit.

But, as usual, I digress. On with the music! Deeds of Derangement opens with a million-mile-a-minute blast-a-thon, throwing you right into PD’s sick and twisted world. The vocals are a strange mix between a guttural low and a pig squeal, the guitars are audible, chugging pools of mud and the drums are surprisingly clarified; the blasts are equal, moderate in volume across the board and rock-steady, yet the use of triggers, if any, is very understated indeed. Great production job! As the songs sail by I notice an almost melodic edge to some of the riffage here, harking back to more traditional death metal approaches, rather than sticking to the ultra-brutal template and soldiering through an entire album with little to no variation.

It freaks me the fuck out that this album is nearly 11 years old, as it was only 3 years old when I first downloaded it back when I was still in school. It sure as hell doesn’t sound 11 years old. Sometimes death metal work, whilst staying relevant, can sound rather dated mainly due to the production styles used, but Deeds of Derangement is an extremely organic sounding record that could have been recorded yesterday for all I know. It’s great shit. You can stream the entire album in the link below. Originally released on CD by the defunct Morbid Records, which is now merged and under War Anthem Records.