Björk – Selmasongs (Dancer In The Dark OST) (2000)

As far as Björk albums go this has to be the most boring one I have heard so far, if you can even call it an album at only seven tracks in length. Selmasongs is the “OST” to the film Dancer In The Dark, which also stars Björk in the main role. I’ve never seen the film and don’t particularly plan on watching it, but I expected from Björk and all her super-creative weirdness a very challenging and enjoyable self-made soundtrack, but alas all we have here is a bunch of orchestral scores (which are nice in their own right, I suppose) with the odd Björk tune thrown in for good measure. Massive disappointment.

I can’t really complain as I only paid £0.01 for this on Amazon (good luck “bricks’n’mortar” record stores!) but I was insanely let down by this short CD. Totally not worth waffling on about, and for Björk purists only.