Snuffgrinder – Snuffholic (2007)

Ever since I decided to include CDs on Lines In Wax about a year and a half ago I have looked forward to reviewing this album. It’s purely one of the most unique things I have ever heard, and every time I scanned my shelf for something to listen to whilst at work, Snuffholic would catch my eye, but every single time I’d think to myself “hmmm, maybe next time”. Well, finally that “next time” came around and I took this crazy little fuck out to the car with me for 7 hours of raining hell. I’m not sure if it made my shift better or worse! Ha ha!

Snuffgrinder is a very unique project with a very unique sound. I guess it falls under the usually-horrendous “gabba-grind” genre, but without the usual ghastly pitfalls of that particular sound. The best (and most alienating) way I can probably describe Snuffgrinder to the uninitiated is to imagine Libido Airbag crossed with Aphex Twin and a DJ in a fetish swingers club or something….Ha ha! Yeah, that’s about right. There aren’t really “tunes” here as such, any synths or instruments are very minimal, as are the sparse vocal performances, the entire thing is driven by a pile-driving drum machine barrage of pain, death and anguish. Swans’ Holy Money-era nail gun experiments ain’t got shit on this motherfucker! Some of the drum hits sound like fucking gun shots, I’ll just put it that way.

This album isn’t very long, but when you think of it as 14 tracks of pummelling drum programming, it’s plenty long enough; it’s enough to give anyone a permanent fucking headache, in the best way possible, of course. I’m not sure of the rarity of this release as I got it through a trade years ago, but it was put out on Apathic View Records back in 2006.

Some facts to finish up on: Snuffgrinder is/are from Poland, and when he/she/they talk of snuff, they are talking about tobacco, not snuff films (so readeth thy booklet: “SGR has nothing to do with a crap called ‘snuff movies’. It’s all about tobacco.”). Also, QNZ – the guy who runs Rotten Roll Rex – guests vocals on track 2. Check out some Snuffgrinder carnage in the link below!