Salute To The Sun – Destroying The Heavens (2008)

January 12, 2014

Salute To The Sun are a death metal band that sent me their demo many moons ago, when I was trying (and failing) at running a record label full time. Out of the tons of shit I got sent to me, this is one of the very few things that stayed with me and didn’t get lost in moves, clear outs etc., probably because of it’s professional looking cover and not just some shitty xeroxed piece of paper with the words “First Demo” written on it. At least it looked like Salute To The Sun were putting in some effort.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the music. Sure, the passion is here but unfortunately the skill and proficiency is lacking. STTS need to tighten up big-style if they want to get anywhere in this particular strain of death metal. When it’s heavy it just sounds like some badly recorded death metal, but when the acoustic parts come in you can really tell that a lot of practice is needed before progressing any further. The vocals, also, are a huge let-down from start to finish. I don’t even know if STTS are still going, or why I really still hold onto this knowing how shite it is, but it’s in my collection for now so it gets the Lines In Wax treatment. If by some random chance you come across this – avoid it.

(2021 edit: is it just me, or does the cover art look suspiciously similar in style and colour palette to Severe Torture’s first album?)

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