Splattered Entrails – Flesh Out Of The Oven (2006)

January 1, 2014
Splattered Entrails – Flesh Out Of The Oven (2006)

Back in the Myspace days, Splattered Entrails set the bar on how to sound if you were a bedroom death metal or grindcore producer. I’ve never been too keen on their, how should I put it…typical death metal vocal style, but music-wise Splattered Entrails is the shit. This guy blew most of the other bedroom musicians out of the water. I think Splattered Entrails is still active, but it isn’t really as “dank” as it was back in 2006 on releases such as this. There was this other Splattered Entrails album with a bunch of tentacles on the front, I forget what it was called (edit: it was Choking On The Rot) but it was one of the most unrelenting things ever; an endless world of high-pitched snare blasting and chugging guitars. It was a perfect mix of brutal death meeting the world of drum-machine powered goregrind.

Flesh Out Of The Oven however, is a bit more of a mixed bag. It has a bit more variety to it, for what it is. The whole thing comes on slow in a fade-in with a dissonant riff and double-bass drum programming. What follows can only be described as a veritable journey through all that is bedroom brutal death metal. It sounds ridiculous, and it probably is, but this is some cool shit. I was really lucky to pick this up off Dissected Angel Records, whom I was in contact with on Myspace for a good few years (the guy running it taught me a lot on starting out with a DIY label), because the label seems to have disappeared into thin air, which is kinda sad.

I really do miss the Myspace days. No current social network exists with the power of promotion for musicians and labels that Myspace had. Those were the glory days of the internet-age extreme metal underground, and I’m still proud to have been a part of it, even if it all fell to shit. Mad feels.

Seeing as this is well out of print here is a download link for it right here. If you wanna see some dodgy photos of the inner sleeve check out the original posting of my review on Blogger.

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