To The Lovers, Farewell / Sex Funeral – Split Tape (2013)

Ah, noise tapes! Sex Funeral comes on sounding a bit like Dead Neanderthals crossed with the first LDOH demo; opener “Success in Battle, Crunch in Milk” is a dirging mess of (I assume) power electronics, saxophone sounds and crude percussion. It sounds like hell, which is absolutely OK in my book. I can’t really define when one “song” ends and another begins, but there comes some really light reed-sounding instrument after a while, that almost sounds like a nice female vocal. After a while it dawns on me that this recording is of a live performance, and I chastise myself for not figuring this out sooner.

To The Lovers, Farewell present to us some very experimental saxophone pieces; I’m not sure if this is played live or manipulated in some way, but it sounds pretty awesome and makes me want to go out and buy a saxophone, even though it will probably just end up gathering dust (and rust) in my attic after a week or so.

This cool little blue tape was put out on Personal Archives, which I think is the label run by Sex Funeral. I got my copy off To The Lovers, Farewell at one of the Genre X Genre shows he’s been putting on lately in Cardiff. Noise, in Wales? Yes, it’s happening! Check it out! Oh, and buy this tape.