Rompeprop – Gargle Cummics (2010)

Ah, Rompeprop! Surely, listening to this band is one of the finer things in life. I don’t think there’s a song in the entire universe that can put me as quickly into party mode as “Quackquack” can (except maybe “Int(I)Ro(L)” from the previous record). Boasting one of the sickest and most amazing pitchshifted vocal styles in the history of life, Dutch goregrind groove masters return for their 3rd long player. A slight line up shift aside, Rompeprop just carry on what they did with Menstraul Stomphulk and Hellcock’s Pornflakes…reducing you to a twist-dancing, comically-dressed idiot who wants to fly to the Czech Republic every July and dance in a field with other comically-dressed idiots.

The second track “Foreskin Fart” is a touch on the slow side, but the puzzlingly-titled “Pikzwarteflikkerkak” is a lot faster and upbeat, with an insane groove. “Gr(e)Indhoven” is another stone cold Rompeprop classic with epic amounts of chuggy goodness. “Horrible Hangover” tells the tale of the price one pays for too much dancing in fields in the old Eastern Block. The icing on this 16 track cake of gory goodness is the inclusion of a cover-version of the song “Born to be Wild”, with the name (and lyrics) changed to “Porn to be Wild” in true Rompeprop fashion. You simply haven’t lived if you haven’t heard this rock’n’roll classic sang through a fucking pitchshifter.

Gargle Cummics is a well-rounded, super-fun take on the punishing goregrind sound. If there is ever an instant “in-road” to this kinda shit without trudging through a maze of metal sub-genres first, then I think Rompeprop could be the link. I’ve yet to see Rompeprop live; something which I need to sort out sooner rather than later. Out on Fat Ass Records and Bizarre Leprous Productions, and limited to only 500 pieces. Blergh!