Cuntpump – A Pleasing Clitorectomy (2012)

Jesus fuck, how my head hurts! Now this little bastard is a hard listen! Haha! File under un-easy listening, mos-def. Bobby Maggard is back (again) with more blurring of the lines between goregrind and gorenoise. The drum machine sounds like nothing more than a relentless series of distorted sound blips. The guitars (well, assuming they are guitars) are nothing more than sheer, ear-destroying sheets of white noise hell. The vocals…well I don’t think I have enough adjectives to get through those.

Even by Gorelord Maggard standards, A Pleasing Clitorectomy is a challenging listen. Luckily for the few of us who are actually strangely into this type of thing, you can get this CDr from Ecclesia Inferi Records, but act fast as it’s limited to 40 copies. I have number 10. I assure you that it is worth the tinnitus that follows. Alternatively, just hit up the Gorelord himself on Facebook and he’ll mail you the longest list of goregrind releases you’ll ever see in your life!