JK Flesh – Posthuman (2012)

Seeing Justin Broadrick performing live as JK Flesh in Roadburn 2012 really opened up my eyes; it was like a dream coming true, the dirgy rhythms, haunting vocals and nasty guitar sound of Godflesh mashed head on into dubstep-style heavy bass and programmed drums. I didn’t really know whether I should dance or punch somebody in the face. To be true, I did neither; I just stood there bobbing my head as the awesomeness washed over me, pummeling me into a pulp of useless flesh and deafening me past the point of ever comprehending music ever again. A slight overstatement, but a fantastic experience nonetheless.

When I heard that his debut LP under this name would be coming out a short-while later, I almost jumped for joy. When the record dropped I was skint as fuck so I didn’t get it initially, but I picked it up a few months later on my birthday. The true depth of the vinyl format is needed for something that sounds as massive as this; the pressing is excellent and does a cracking job of portraying the full bottomless sound of JK Flesh’s aural assault. Things get off to a slow and creepy start with “Knuckledragger”, but then “Idle Hands” chugs things up in true JK style.

It’s a fairly long record, considering the simplicity of the subject matter, but it doesn’t make for a tiring listen; every song is perfect. Honestly, it doesn’t get spun as much as my Godflesh records, but it’s still pretty damn awesome. Released in 2012 by 3BY3 Records, and seemingly still available at a decent price (about £20, which isn’t bad considering they are fairly limited (500 only)). Check it out and get one!