Jesu – Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came (2013)

Oh, how I have longed for a new Jesu release! I snoozed on the previous new material (the Duchess 7″) and it sold out before I had even the slightest chance of even considering buying it, and now it is added to my never-ending list of expensive shit to buy off Discogs. Trouble is, it’s hard to find the money to keep up with all the new releases in the first place, doubly hard when there’s a growing backlog of rare shit forever tempting you online! The woes of the record collector on a budget! Ha!

Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came is a fantastic and rather “in the feels” type of record title. That, along with the abstract cover art, which to me conjures feelings of times past, brings on the realisation that our time on this planet is a very short one indeed…only getting shorter and shorter with every passing second. Fuck this! When the first track, “Homesick”, kicks in with the usual Jesu-brand laid back electronica meets heavy riffage and melancholic atmosphere, the feeling only gets heavier. I heard that Justin wrote a song about missing his kid whilst on tour, and whilst I’m not entirely sure that’s true, the title “Homesick” could well reveal that this is that track. Maybe.

I don’t really see Everyday… as an EP, even though it is only 5 tracks in length, “The Great Leveller” – which starts with a nice piano and builds and builds – is over 17 minutes long, bringing the total run time up to something like 45 minutes (2020 edit: Discogs counts this record as a full-length). Which is good value for money, seeing as we are on the subject! Well impressed with this new Jesu stuff…it ranks a lot higher than the recent Ascension album which I think a lot of people didn’t really like and I never bought since I want all the Jesu stuff on vinyl and the vinyl version doesn’t seem to be materializing anytime soon. It’s no Silver, but I can see Everyday… becoming a Jesu must-hear with time. Justin Broadrick, you’re a genius! My fandom knows no bounds (although I’m not that familiar with Techno Animal haha!).

As far as I can tell this was self-released by Justin and his Avalanche Recordings label. It’s pretty limited, and the grey copies are all sold out, so I got the black. I’d get this before it’s gone!