Sete Star Sept / Rotgut – Split 7″ (2011)

I remember Rotgut from years ago (ah, the Myspace days!) and back then they played this really ugly, sludgy and noisy shit. Now, things are a bit more refined; Rotgut have become this absolute grinding Malaysian menace. The sound is fatter than the bloated corpse of a beached great white, and the vocals are totally insane; wicked rasps and shouts that hark back to something altogether more 38 Counts…era Pig Destroyer. Ones to watch, I would think!

Sete Star Sept are making a name for themselves. They’ve been going for a good few years now but 2013 seems to be the year of Sete Star Sept, what with a lot of worldwide touring and I keep seeing their name pop up absolutely fucking everywhere. Which is good news, of course. But Christ, what a mess this band is! Nasty, sloppy, horrendous noisecore is the order of the day. It’s completely vicious as fuck and I absolutely love it.

This split of “turbo tornado power grindcore” (their words, not mine) was put out on December 25th 2012 by the great people at Dogma Artistic Guerrilla Records in Malaysia (2021 edit: There was a cassette release in 2011). I have number 152 out of 300 copies.