Aphex Twin – …I Care Because You Do (1995)

Gah, don’t you just hate it when 2 x 12″s are rammed into one non-gatefold jacket? Something about this just gets right on my fucking wick, son. If you’re gonna fork out for a double album repress on heavy-as-shit vinyl then you might as well go the full hog and be good enough to include a gatefold jacket. This poor bastard is loaded to the gills with discs! Blinkin’ heck Warp, it’s not like you haven’t got the financial clout to do so ;D

Anyway, on with the music! Aphex Twin’s I Care Because You Do is a mammoth electronic record of brain damaging proportions. What the hell is going on here then? Ha ha! You would literally be hard pushed to put anymore weirdness into this mixed bag of jarringly different tunes, “songs” and collages of noise. Equal parts relaxing, confusing, uplifting, inspiring and introspective, I Care… runs the gamut of the electronic music genre; pushing the envelope in all four corners at once. People tell me that the Aphex Twin is boring or not challenging enough…well I think those people have had a few too many knocks to the head! This shit is utter genius, hands down!

Boo! Hiss! Get it in a gatefold!