Six Brew Bantha / Archagathus – Split 7″ (2011)

I’ve been on a Six Brew Bantha kick recently, after finally crawling out from underneath my rock and realizing just how fucking awesome they are. Their sound here is a bit lo-fi, but that’s never stopped anyone before and Six Brew Bantha blast and thrash through some fucking livid grindcore! Man, what I would do to see these guys! Someone with a lot of money fly them to the UK already and take my fucking ticket money! Randomly they remind me of Spoonful of Vicodin on this recording, although I much prefer Six Brew to the former.

Archagathus are another band name that I have seen here and there and fucking everywhere for a long time. Finally getting around to hearing them I realize that I am missing out on yet another awesome fucking grindcore band (although Archagathus describe themselves here as “mince core” and “raw punk”, which are pretty accurate tags). The sound is a bit clearer than the Six Brew side, but every bit just as amazing. Another fantastic band for me to obsess over on Discogs! This shit is getting ridiculous! Ha ha!

This 7″ was released as a collaborative effort between Bullshit Propaganda Records, Coffee Grinder Records and Black Raven Records. I don’t know how many copies of this exist, but it’s probably gonna be about 500.