Suppression / Noothgrush – Split 5″ (2012)

Suppression are quickly becoming one of my favourite grindcore acts. I mean, how long have this band been around? And I only heard of them a few months ago! What an idiot! Despite this fact, I’ve had the mp3s of this split on my computer for ages thanks to Grindcore Karaoke, but listening to it always got pushed back because I have so much stuff to get through…which is a curse as well as a blessing.

On this wee little 5″, Suppression resort to a very Man Is The Bastard-y mix of harsh noise followed by bass-driven grind madness. I know Suppression have their own thing going on, but MITB definitely springs to mind whilst spinning this. It’s over in a fecking flash, unlike Noothgrush’s side which drags out a bit longer. Noothgrush take a much more traditional full-band approach of just ripping out a track for us. Very sludgy!

All in all this is a pretty awesome 5″, but as you would probably expect it doesn’t last very long. This piece of wax exists thanks to the good people at Blow The Reactors and Fuck Yoga. My version is the simple black one, but 150 of these little buggers come with a 48 piece puzzle. These editions are pretty rare, but you can still get one for around £10.