Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise – Split 7″ (2013)

“First Music”, “First Noise”…what fitting titles as this 7” is my first Charred Remains, Bastard Noise and Man is the Bastard purchase, and my first proper experience with any of these projects. The whole switching of the names confuses the living fuck out of me but I think I’ve actually got my head around it; MITB is the powerviolence group, Bastard Noise is the noise spin-off? Amirite? Well, I would think so until I open up the fucking booklet and see that “Bastard Noise” is an EP titled to MTIB. Mang….what the fuck? Shoot me now!

“First Music” is pretty damn awesome, regardless of who fecking made it; be it Charred Remains, MITB or even Bastard Noise (unlikely). It blasts and grinds through 4 songs in next to no time; the bass clanking menacingly and the low powerviolence vokills are out in force. “First Noise” on the other hand, is sadly underwhelming for me. I love a bit of harsh noise now and then, but whilst the “songs” on offer are interesting, they are a bit mundane. Never mind!

If you are, like I was, looking for an in-road into the weird and wonderful world of the previously mentioned bands/projects I would recommend you this 7″. If you’re already in the know however, I assume there is much better material to hunt down. Out on Deep Six Records.