Wormrot / I Abhor – Split 7″ (2010)

I Abhor are a weird mixture of sounds. Slow, dissonant riffs lead into unbelievably fast blasting grind; the drumming really is something you must all hear! The vocals are distorted and hellish a la the sound used on earlier Pig Destroyer records, only not as high; the singer utilizes mainly lows in his delivery. I Abhor are kinda similar to Wormrot in a way; they both peddle the same grinding mix of excellent riffing and flat out blasting.

Wormrot on side B contribute 8 (yes!) tracks to the 7″. Opener “Twelve” is bloody hilarious, before “Critical Human Stupidity” blows your fucking head off like it was nobody’s business. The production here betrays to me that these songs are from the same sessions as the Abuse album, or at least that’s what it sounds like to me! 

For a grindcore band, Wormrot haven’t really done that many splits, which is odd (but great for me as I have literally everything they have released, barring the odd demo tape or two). Anyways this 7″ was put out by Fat Ass Records in Poland and is truly excellent as fuck. I recommend!