Lividity – To Desecrate And Defile (2009)

You just can’t fault Lividity for delivering on the sick, twisted death metal front. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned many a time before, my death metal listening is very limited, but when it is done right, it just cannot be ignored. The sheer number of death metal acts out there never ceases to baffle me. Thankfully, Lividity are one of the best from the huge American scene. Tits, gore, hilarious samples, gruesome vokills and blasting drums. A true list of the finer things in life, no doubt!

To Desecrate And Defile opens with one of the funniest samples ever used in the history of music, before “Sword of Sodomy” hits you in the face like a ton of spiked bricks already dripping with the AIDS-infested blood of 10,000 dead hookers. And the pace is set from there! Ha ha! There are some brain-melting songs here; “Gut The Slut Before I Fuck”, “Engorged With Blood (To Fill You With My Semen)” and “Orgasmic Flesh Feed” are absolutely amazing.

Production wise, this is the most clean and “modern” sounding out of all of Lividity’s albums. The drum sound is fat and dark as fuck, despite the clinical triggering. The guitars are very polished, giving a hefty metallic chug more reminiscent of mainstream metal genres than the usual distortion laden riffage of death metal. I would recommend this Lividity record to any fan of metal music, especially those lost in a world of shit deathcore. I think this might appeal to people like that. Then they can work their way backwards to the more dank sounding, gruesome as fuck Lividity albums.

All in all, an excellent modern death metal record by one incarnation of a legendary band of the genre. You can’t fault Lividity and you can’t fault this type of metal, unless you’re a feminist or something. Hopefully I’ll be getting my paws on some more Lividity records soon. Remember kids: It’s not about Satan, it’s about pussy! Out on War Anthem Records and Epitomite Productions.