Mixomatosis – Neurofibroma Mixoide (2007)

This CD is by far the best Mixomatosis stuff that I have heard so far! I’m not that familiar with them; everything I own by them has a different sound, but Neurofibroma Mixoide has a solid and well-rounded sound that is consistent from start to finish. Ladies and gentlemen, this is some good-ass grindcore! Typically it was released on the equally as awesome label, Rotten Roll Rex back in 2007.

The whole thing kicks off with the title track, a growly number of intense fury which moves back and forth between blasting grind and flat-out punk style riffing, with hilarious yelped vocals. After that the songs blast by at a ferocious pace; “El Carnicero De Africa” (which the band contributed a live version of to my old label’s first 7″ compilation) is a favourite of mine, as is the Carnal Diafragma cover at track 12; “Stench Vaginalis”.

Unfortunately the entire thing is over far too quickly and I am left wanting more sick Spanish goregrind, but it is not to be! Onward to buying more Mixomatosis shits! I think my next step will be the Mixomatosis / 2 Minuta Dreka split 7″, as that will also bring me a step closer to getting all the 2MD stuff as well.