Aphex Twin – Richard D James Album (1996)

The first thing that I notice about this Warp repressing of Aphex Twin’s classic record is that it is not a double album. That’s not a problem, I just assumed that it would be on double wax. The vinyl is heavy, though! I don’t know how heavy exactly, but it weighs a fecking ton (slight over-statement) and is very difficult to get out of the sleeve. When the needle slides onto the wax though, the perfect clarity and depth can be appreciated. Does heavy vinyl really make that difference? Bloody heck!

Most folks have seen the videos for “Come To Daddy” and “Windowlicker” but there is so much more to Aphex Twin that those two songs, and this album does a fantastic job of proving that; showcasing a smorgasbord of electronic sounds and puzzling samples assorted into ticking beats and lush synths. Whatever the vibe of a particular track, the electronics remain endlessly busy and ensure that there is always something interesting going on. Every time I listen to this I pick out something else that I missed the time before. The amount of time that went into making these “songs” must have been absolutely staggering.

This album has been considered a classic a thousand times over by now, so anything I can say will really do it any justice; ya’ll need to load up on some mind-altering substances and appreciate the madness/genius for yourselves. And the best way to do that is get the poxy thing on vinyl, right? Reissued by Warp Records in 2012, but you can still get your hands on the original if you’re that way inclined, just expect to pay a lot more for a copy.