Lycanthrophy / Nesoucast Stroje – Split 7″ (2003)

NxSx play sprightly, punky grindcore with a crazed vocal attack. The songs are short blasts that resemble something between the lines of the fastest garage grindcore and the heaviest powerviolence. A recurring theme is that between songs, the humming of bees, or swarms of insects, fades in and out. This ties in with the cover art, which has a whole bunch of wasps and bees and shit swarming all over the place. If you’re wondering about the band’s funky name (which I believe is Czech language?), it is explained inside the cover that “the name means that we don’t feel to stay and rotate in the only one and right circle”. So there you have it.

This Lycanthrophy stuff here is interesting for me, as it doesn’t possess the hellish female vocal barrage that the group is known so well for. I have learned from this 7″ that Lycanthrophy once had a dual vocalist set up of two guys, one with a shouty, punky approach and the other with a lower US-style powerviolence roar. There may be different vocalists to what I was expecting when I bought this, but it doesn’t really matter; the grind is fast, heavy and fucking bonkers. Just what the doctor ordered!