Urine Festival / Faeces Eruption – Split 7″ (2008)

Time for some more sickening goregrind folks! The cover art to this Goatgrind release might be fairly tame but the music is fucking nuts, as you would expect. Faeces Eruption play fairly straightforward, dank and heavy electronic goregrind with low pitchshifted gurgles. The whole thing sails by rather quickly, but it’s an enjoyable four songs that has got me on the look out for more Faeces Eruption shit (pun slightly intended).

Urine Festival on the other hand absolutely take the fucking biscuit. Shit, I thought Tumour was insane – imagine that project but a thousand times faster, the bass is so low that it’s almost inaudible and the vocals literally sound like water. Not watery, just pure fucking water. Shit. Replace the horror movie samples with porno ones, and you got Urine Festival. Coincidentally, this project is also by a member of Last Days of Humanity; the drummer for Hymns… era and vocalist on the recent reformation tour, Marc Palmen. It’s like every member of LDOH has their own cybergrind project! Somebody should fucking compile them all on one super gross split, that would be awesome!

Nappy from Goatgrind has been so kind as to upload the entire split to Youtube, so wrap your lugholes around this crazy shit; Faeces Eruption first then Urine Festival after.