Devourment – Unleash The Carnivore (2009)

I’ve never really considered myself a proper Devourment fan although I am quite partial to their heavier-than-the-mass-of-9-planets mix of slam and brutal death metal. When I saw this absolutely stunning Goatgrind picture disc version of Unleash… at Obscene Extreme I knew it had to be mine. Just look at it! Damn! That’s metal as fuck! Ha ha. Unleash… boasts quite a polished and clinical approach to things, and is a far cry from the band’s cult classic sound on 1.3.8.

I can’t decide if the music needs more slams or more blast beats, as the songs tread the line carefully between the two choices. One minute it’s all the body-slamming, next minute it’s all the waving of the fingers in the air at the blastbeats! I guess I don’t really need to tell you how Devourment sound, but I just love this slamming mess so much. On that note, I’d like to quickly round off this review before I have to listen to any more Devourment. I am currently in no shape to be chair-dancing to this shit ha ha ha! Finally, massive kudos to Goatgrind for putting this on vinyl and making it much more appealing for me to buy. Legend!