Deche-Charge / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium – Split Tape (2007)

This split opens with a disappointing Deche-Charge recording of a live set. It takes forever to get started and when it does, it really doesn’t amount to much at all. Recorded grind/noisecore/whatever can go one of two ways (both of which sound awful) – the recording can really capture the energy and/or dirty sound in a nutshell, or just fall flat on it’s fucking face. Unfortunately for the legendary Deche-Charge, their contribution to this split falls (no pun intended) into the latter category.

NxVx on the other hand are much more with it, which is not something I ever imagined saying. Their material here is a lo fi bass-driven polka soundtrack for fisting your (preferably German) partner to. It is that filthy. Coupled with the mid-placed groovy goregrind is a whole farmyard’s worth of vocal varieties, to keep things extra weird. I won’t lie, every song does sound the same (until they break into something slowly and funky like jazz, with stick claps and everything), but there has to be some give and take with this particularly niche genre.

This tape was put out (and is still available) on the dank as fuck Belgian Bringer of Gore Records and is limited to 200 hideously orange copies. No links for this on Youtube, sorry guys!

“Could it be any more orange?” – Comic Book Guy