NUH – Remixes Hideous Miscreation (2013)

I’ve not heard the source material for this remix, but I’m not entirely sure if I need to, if I’m honest. The thing with remixes of this nature is that the songs are usually so mutated from their original form that they have become brand new entities in their own right. Mixing gabba techno with awkward synths and nifty, sneaky little drum’n’bass passages, NUH really makes a fucking meal out of whatever source material Hideous Miscreation left to be devoured. Shit, I dunno whether to get up and dance or fucking smash my house to pieces. What a dilemma!

Side B continues the madness, opening straight up with more gabba brutality. Jeez! I’m proper loving this shit! Gonna be checking out more stuff by NUH in the very near future. Out thanks to Legs Akimbo Records, who seem to specialise in this unique brand of gabba-orientated punishment, and limited to 110 copies on evil black wax. Get in!