Goat – World Music (2012)

There are several reasons why I will miss going to Roadburn this year (May 2013 Edit: Roadburn has already happened – where does the time go?). I could spend a lot of time writing about them all, but I won’t do that. I’ll just get to the point. Missing Goat play live is pretty high up on the list of reasons why I want to cry about not going. I had this album on mp3 for a good while until my computer died and I lost it and totally forgot about it until I started using Spotify again. Once I found out it had been re-issued and could be got for a reasonable price, I had to own it.

My father ended up buying me this record, which was rather random but I thank him eternally for it as it is slowly becoming one of my favourite things ever. When he asked what it sounded like, I told him to imagine that Led Zeppelin were actually awesome, had a female vocalist, and had a whole world of other unusual and ethnic vibes going on. Without realizing it, I had pretty much summed up the Goat sound. Only difference between this Goat record and the first Zeppelin record is that if this record gets over-rated as fuck (which it may well do with time) then it will still be awesome, and not a boring, steaming pile of shit like the first Zeppelin record. Ok, maybe that is a bit harsh, but I just plain don’t like Led Zeppelin.

I love bands with a look, or mystique. When Goat were plastered all over the internet wearing voodoo masks and claiming to be anonymous illegal immigrants in Sweden, I lapped it all up like the hype-loving cretin that I am. Think what you want about gimmicks though, because Goat have the musical clout and dexterity to back up their insane story (unlike, I dunno, GWAR).

With the current explosion of stuff like this happening, I really think that Goat are ones to watch. I mean, if Ghost can hit the “metal big” (who saw that coming?), then anything can happen. Out on the Bristol-based Rocket Recordings, and available in a plethora of different colours.