Björk – Post (1995)

Where Björk’s Debut record gets off to a confusing yet almost “cute” start, her follow-up record Post really starts to push the boat out. Holy mother of fuck what is going on here? One has to simply compare album covers to get an idea of the difference. Debut was different in so many ways, but seemed to have one guiding theme. Post, on the other hand, seems to have not been planned out in any way shape or form. The record opens with “Army of Me”, which is fantastically heavy for a song comprised entirely from electronic instruments. “Hyperballad” follows, which is the best Björk song ever, in my opinion.

By track three however, things start getting a bit weird. All of the free-form jazz up in this bitch! And on top of that, the song is about cars. The song tells the tale of cars that have existed since the dawn of time, and have been hiding in mountains because they were scared of the noises the dinosaurs made. Okay…

And it’s all downhill from there, until track seven, “Isobel”, which is a world of awesome. Random snippet of info: money-grabbing sellout arseholes (2021 edit: a bit much? – Ed) Carcass performed a version of this song with Björk on vocals for the single CD release of “Hyperballad” or something. She hated it, which is entirely understandable. Anyway, Post lurches onward to it’s inevitable closure, and as someone who spent a large majority of ages 10 to 18 plugged into either a walkman, CD player or mp3 player, closer “Headphones” really strikes a nerve with me. Seriously, I feel a full-blown Björk obsession coming on here. It won’t be long before I paint myself up like Darth Maul and shoot myself in the fucking face.