Atomçk – Never Work (2013)

Can you imagine how excited I was knowing that the next Atomçk record was gonna drop as a physical copy thanks to Hygiene Records? No, probably not. But I was pretty fuckin’ happy, I’ll tell you that. As much as I love sites like Grindcore Karaoke (seriously far too much good shit for one website) I am a total sucker for physical copies. Grindcore Karaoke could have a download link to 320kb mp3s of every single album in the world and I’d still want to buy my favourites in the flesh as well.

Atomçk are back with a new drummer and a professional studio sound (huzza!) that really makes Never Work stand out instantly as my favourite shit by them. You can expect the usual sci-fi grind nuttery, but there is a whole bunch of longer songs thrown in here as well. Opener “Desert Blast”, which is also used to open live gigs, if my memory serves, is dangerously close to sounding like something altogether more Kyuss. That is, of course, until the vocals kick in. “No Sleep ’til Trutnov” is another long ‘un, comprising of a simple drum beat and a wailing guitar repetition, before giving way to some nice ‘n’ nasty harsh electronic noise.

This edition on tape is fairly limited, and quite possibly even sold out already (June 2013 update: yep, all gone). Yikes! However, you can still stream and download the entire thing for free from Grindcore Karaoke and various other sources. Stream endless, baby!