Ostie – Ostie (2012)

I bet you’ve all always wondered what happens when you apply the noisecore ethic to bedroom black metal? Well, if you have or not, Ostie are here to either brighten or ruin your day, depending on your outlook on life. ¬†Combining the production values and attitude associated with noisecore into the elitist and grimm as fvck black metal sound, Ostie create one hell of a disorientated, erm…racket. The major let down for me is the vocals, which just don’t work for me. The pitchshifted cleans (yes!) are pretty interesting, but the general voice-over is fairly lacklustre.

Limited to 100 copies on Ukraine’s Depressive Illusions Records, and also available on a limited CDr run in jet black DVD cases. Grimm as fukk. I don’t really know who this music appeals to…and it’s not really my cup of tea but it’s cool as fuck and the package is really nice.