Venetian Snares – Fool The Detector (2012)

I got this nice little EP when HMV still sold vinyl at decent, affordable prices. I think it was fiver, so you can’t argue with that (April 2013 Edit: I actually got this from Spillers Records on my birthday last year. Sometimes it’s hard keeping track of where I get all this crap). As far as Venetian Snares goes this record is pretty tame, there is a lot more ambient and nice synth sounds than usual. The spazz-happy beats are still here, but seem a lot more laid back than the usual brain-melting fair of snare rushes and irregular bass drum palpitations.

It reminds me a lot of The Aphex Twin in parts. I know this will get Snares purists’ panties all twisted but it really, really does sound rather similar. The way this was put out is also a bit weird. It seems that Aaron Funk has started his own label (on which this is released) called Timesig, but Planet Mu controls it behind the scenes. It seems a similar set up to the deal Bill Steer and Jeff Walker had with Earache Records.