Burial – Truant / Rough Sleeper (2012)

Welcome to what is quite possibly one of the most chilled out things in the world. I’m not talking that lovey-dovey “ambient” chill out shit that comes in box sets of 5 CDs, I’m talking about modern, chillax-to-the-max experimental dub. After being recommended Burial by about 40,000 different people I decided to actually check out some of his tunes on Spotify and I was an instant convert. One thing I don’t agree with here though is the insistence on the dubstep tag; sure this will appeal to thousands of dubstep fans but I do not think that it really falls in with the genre. It is simply too laid back and experimental.

“Truant” is a 12 minute masterpiece of sonic sub-bass bliss that simultaneously shakes my house and gives my brain the cerebral break it so desperately needs. What more can you want from music? Switch it on, switch yourself off. Job done. The B side, “Rough Sleeper”, is a bit different. It is a bit longer, clocking in at just under 15 minutes, but it seems to be comprised of several songs (or should I say “vibes”) mashed together rather than one 15 minute long trip. It’s still goddamn awesome though!

This 12″ was put out December past by Hyperdub. Check it out in the link below (although it won’t do the sub-bass justice).