Pig Destroyer / Isis – Split 7″ (2000)

This is one my favourite splits ever! Limited to 2000 copies thanks to Relapse Records. There is the usual Relapse 100 clear, 100 on orange, a bizarre 50 on white, and the remaining 1750 on black. I was lucky to get a black copy at a fairly decent price, but be wary that the white and orange pressings can fetch hefty price tags on record collector websites.

Classic Pig Destroyer are on top form, covering the goregrind legend that is (or was) Carcass. There is simply not a better version of “Genital Grinder / Regurgitation of Giblets” in existence. “Exhume to Consume” leaves a bit to be desired vocal-wise, but for the most part is an ultra-tight, lightening-fast zip through a classic track from the genre.

Isis on the other hand, opt for something a lot more slow and dirgy. With Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Jay Randall in tow they sucessfully create their own very unique version of the legendary Godflesh song “Streetcleaner”. Not as sprawling in production as the original, but is almost suffocating with claustrophobia.