Paul Phipps – The Very Best of Paul Phipps (6″, Lathe, Square) (2013)

Don’t let the heart-melting picture of Mr. Phipps’ dog Levi on the centre-label give you the wrong idea; this record is an absolute nightmare! Paul Phipps – the guy behind Rectal Twat, Cocksnot., Wolf Pussy and many other projects that are hard on the ears – presents a small cross-section of “songs” that he considers his personal best. That sits well with me! Prepare your lugholes for 2 sides of absolute noisecore annihilation! This even contains the song “Sean Jenkins is a Bitch” from the Fart Wank / Rectal Twat split tape. I am famous!!

This was cut by Graham Baldwin (the same guy who did these) and is strictly limited to 5 copies, so I’m pretty lucky to be owning one, in all fairness. Check out 2208 Records for more cutting info and samples of all the work he’s done so far! 

(2021 edit: 2208 is no more. Also, fuck Photobucket for ruining the picture art for this one.)