Stalaggh – Projekt Misanthropia (EP) (2006)

Is there anything quite so harrowing as the story behind Stalaggh? Probably, but still, their tale is one of the sheer lengths (or is that depths) that people will go to in the name of art. Basically, the short version is that Stalaggh was formed by some of the leading names in the European black metal scene (who come together anonymously) to make the most nihilistic and horrible noise terror ever heard. As vocalists, Stalaggh controversially garnered assistance from two (also anonymous) mentally ill patients, one of which famously killed himself after the release of the first Stalaggh EP in 2003. The other apparently had attacked and killed his mother at the age of 16. How these people were allowed out into a recording studio, I am not really sure.

This 7″ is a promo tool for the third Stalaggh EP/record, Projekt Misanthropia, and it contains about 5 minutes of audio from those sessions. For most people, believe me, this is more than enough. Depending on your world view and tolerance towards extremely upsetting material, playing this record could be the longest five minutes of your life. Luckily for me then, I am jaded enough to see past the potential moral-nightmare that surrounds this band. Saying that, this is some of the more unsettling noise I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. The full release of this (on CD) came with an empty box of¬†Risperdal tablets. Grim. As. Fuck.