Cathedral – Endtyme (2001)

For me, Endtyme stands apart from anything else in the Cathedral discography. They have done dark before, sure, one needs not look further than the debut album to realise that, but that record is a whole other sack of decapitated witch heads. Here, Cathedral are chuggy and enormously groovy-heavy; and in a certain way take their groovy doom and smash it head on with the styles on display in the debut. Once I read somewhere  a quote that more-or-less said “Endtyme proves that Cathedral can still bang heads”, and that pretty much sums it up.

“Melancholy Emperor” remained a Cathedral staple and ended up even on the Earache best of called The Serpent’s Gold, “Whores to Oblivion” is catchy as shit, even featuring something that comes close to harsh noise at the end! Talk about variety! “Alchemist of Sorrow” is one of my favourite Cathedral songs, the opening lines of “I am Midas in reverse, my gold has turned to lead” are possibly the best example of Lee Dorrian’s vocals ever (it’s either that or “Huggy Bear? Oh yeah!”). Released a fuckload of time ago on Earache Records and strangely, this pressing was confined only to CD, which is very unusual for a band like Cathedral.