Cattle Decapitation – ¡Decapitacion! (2000)

I’ve lusted after this collectable for a good while, and I finally saw it on Discogs at a decent price so I nabbed the bastard! I gotta be honest though, after all that waiting, I was a bit disappointed to find out that this Accident Prone-released 7″ is fecking one-sided record (don’t get me started on one-sided records!). What also surprised me is that there are no original songs here, just three early Cattle Decap cuts re-recorded in Spanish. Go me for researching! Although, I find myself asking the question – “what was the point in this exercise?”

Apart from the odd Spanish sentence at the beginning of a track this just sounds like Cattle Decapitation.. That isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, but I just fail to see the point in this 7″, other than being a fairly mediocre gimmick. Am I missing something here?