Life Is Easy – Falasmaryon (2013) Extended Notes

I can’t exactly review this as it’s my creation, but I got one in my collection so it’ll have to wind up on here eventually, so I’ll just do a brief run down to plug this fucker. I recorded this bastard of an EP back in 2007, simply by running a distorted B C Rich through a whole world of filters and then recording a cold, mechanical drum beat over the top of it before doing more or less the same to that too.

I don’t really know why but I’ve never really bothered to release music that I have made alone, so it took 6 years to get this out, which is ridiculous. You can download it for free here or if you read this around the original post date and actually like it you can get a copy on tape for cheap as chips. Limited to 20 copies on Lines In Wax’s very own Pointless Records label.

Summer 2020 extended notes: Falasmaryon was the first in a planned series of 12 or 13 guitar based drones that I began recording in 2007, the second being Valenvaryon, which never got released (yet). The others were abandoned, but I plan to return to them one day. Nerdy losers may notice that the drones are named after the Propylon Chambers from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, although the artwork itself was just an excuse to use a bunch of old BDSM style imagery.

My master tape was way too loud, and I used an old ex-police interview cassette duplicator to make the copies onto blank stock. I ended up throwing that thing out (really should have sold it on tbh). 

Musically, Falasmaryon is heavy and oppressive. I was inspired a lot by Sunn O))), although this doesn’t sound anything like them. I have a bunch of cassettes left. If you want one, drop me a message on the Contact page and I’ll send you one for free (if you’re outside of the UK, I might ask you for a bit of help towards the postage cost).