D12 – Shit On You (2000)

I always have mixed feelings about D12: the potential with the group was absolutely fantastic; each artist is an excellent rapper in their own right, but if they work together as a group or not is something that has always bugged me. I guess it’s the endless “it’s Eminem’s old band, innit” that pisses me off. The first record shared the load fairly but the second album parodied this yet lived up to it entirely; employing Mr. Mathers as the lead vocal in nearly every song, not to mention on nearly every bastard chorus. But I digress. This is about a single that was released around the time of the first record, and is actually pretty awesome.

The beat comes on like some pretty serious hip hop; a whole level of Immortal-Technique-ganna-fuck-shit-up vibe, but by the time Bizarre hits the mic and Em’s chorus of shitting on your family comes in, the hardcore street-beat has lost all seriousness. The B side is the track “Under the Influence” which originally appeared on Eminem’s second album, so it’s kinda cool to have it here collected under the D12 name. This 12″ is deffo for collectors / die-hards only, and offers no real merit to anyone who wasn’t a DJ in 2002.