Last Days Of Humanity / Rakitis – Split 7″ (1996)

Another piece of goregrind history that is now mine! Hahahahaha! LDOH splits in the original forms are rather hard to find these days, so I am very lucky in the respect that the two I have (to date) I’ve gotten for fairy reasonable prices. What we have here is their split with Rakitis, which was, if I’m not mistaken, out a while before the Hymns…. album, so it’s fairly aged by today’s standards. In fact, this split is nearly 17 years old. Sheesh. This only exists on red wax with those ridiculously shitty jukebox holes, and was put out by Through the Eyes of the Hated Records, which I think is now extinct.

Rakitis play with a lot faster and (dare I say it) clearer sound than LDOH. It’s almost punky in parts, but for the most part it’s pretty impressive grindcore through and through. Last Days of Humanity on the other hand, surely do not need any introduction? The band’s older, sloppy and downtuned-to-oblivion sound is something that really gets my dick swinging, and I am happier than a Japanese man receiving a package full of scat DVDs over the fact that LDOH haven’t quite called it a day yet after all…here’s to hoping that they make another record in the near future !HINT FUCKIN’ HINT!