Electric Wizard – Legalize Drugs & Murder (2012)

So if you weren’t at the London show when this 7″ came out, you were pretty much boned for an original copy! Represses exist on 7″ though thanks to Rise Above, and the EP was released more nationally as a free copy by the good folk at Terrorizer magazine, on the excellently under-rated format of tape and with a couple of extra tracks thrown in for good measure! You though vinyl had a warm sound? Son, you need to fire up that ol’ tape deck and chomp this fucker into it.

Legalize Drugs and Murder is the usual Leccy Wizz affair of drugs’n’riffs; opening with a sample of bubbling bongwater before sludging headfirst into a muddy-as-hash-oil riff-fest. It is, quite honestly, the best thing in the world to nod your head to whilst smoking a fucking massive spliff. Word. All the tracks are excellent, including the remixes. I genuinely feel like I have stepped back in time plugging my headphones into my seldom used tape deck! Far out, man!

This is currently selling for a variety of different prices on Discogs and eBay because let’s not forget that Terrorizer is a British magazine and there are still plenty of Wizard fans over the globe who cannae get a copy of this bastard!