Insect Warfare – World Extermination (2007)

Every now and then, in all scenes of music, a band or artist will come along and snowball into something massive. Insect Warfare were an absolutely fantastic grindcore band, so at least in that case they weren’t shite as well as overrated. It’ll just be the latter then. Phew. I feel bad writing that because I believe and want decent bands to get the attention and exposure that they deserve, but I don’t think anyone can deny that Insect Warfare were insanely overrated in the time leading up to their demise. I think statements such as saying World Extermination is the Scum or FETO of our generation are just too goddamn far-fetched. Also I think Earache bastard Records are to blame for the world and his fucking cat owning World Extermination shirts. They must be selling them four for a pound.

Anyway, negativity aside (I genuinely do not mean to be so negative, I guess the sarcasm just takes over! I only mean what I say as an observation), World Extermination is a fucking cracking grindcore record. Those of you into the fast who somehow haven’t heard this band (although I think that might be impossible unless you were cryogenically frozen for a few years) need to rectify that right away. Insect Warfare as a band are incredibly tight. Even the d-beat sections of songs are devoid of the usual punky slack, which is almost unheard of.

These are, truly, prime cuts of grind; blasting and shredding with machine-like precision. The guitar tone is fat, as is the drum sound. Gracing the carnage with an overflowing venom is the frenetic dual vocal attack, completing the perfected grind blueprint. World Extermination is relentless, but it is also not afraid to “slow down” to a pace now and then that allows for a proper riff to sneak in. If you can’t head-bang to “Hydraphobia” you don’t deserve to have a fucking neck.

This album is everywhere, thanks to Earache, and picking up a copy cheap shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, it’s a piece of piss. This version here what I got is the original 2nd vinyl pressing on 625 Thrashcore / RSR, which was out before Earache got thier claws into the band. I picked this up almost without thinking, back when I was rich enough to take album recommendations from people on internet forums. I’m fucking glad that I did, though. It has a fucking awesome colour scheme going on and it even comes with a fuck-off bitchin’ poster. Grind!