Fukpig – Spewings From A Selfish Nation (2009)

As much as I facking adore Fukpig I can’t help but get tits-bored of this album by track three or something. I almost feel bad writing this, but this record is equal amounts nasty, heavy and boring. I know that it is hard to be original in the d-beat/crust corner of grind and punk, but even when Fukpig bring their own rather unique black metal-esque distorted tinge to the table, the combination of different outcomes is still disappointingly low.

For starters, you need to listen to this record on a decent sound system to get over THAT bass drum pattern. If you can’t pass this hurdle you might as well give up all hope now. Proceed no further, friend! Ha ha – in all seriousness however, this is an excellent record, I am just over-exaggerating. Do heed my warnings however; I am not lying when I say that it is very repetitive and sometimes boring. Despite my complaints this album contains some brilliant tunes perfect to get your head banging to, or to tear each other apart to in some of the mentalest mosh pits I have ever seen. To the uninitiated; imagine Anaal Nathrakh crossed with Extreme Noise Terror and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what is going on here, and hopefully what I mean by a bit boring! Sorry!

Spewings was released by FETO Records and is/was limited to 200 copies. Some copies were released directly by the band and were called the “black” copies. Every single last piece of artwork on these was jet black.