Scorn – Yozza (2011)

(2020 Update: Scorn is now back and released a new EP and new full length in 2019! Yay!)

Sadly, Yozza (released in the arse-end of 2011) was to be the last thing that Mick Harris would put out under the Scorn moniker after 20 long years of pushing the boundaries of underground electronic music. Looking back now, it is hard to believe how far ahead of the times Scorn was; playing something that was the blueprints for the dubstep sound years before any silly cunt with a fucking Adidas cap decided it should be a genre. Oh, the injustice! But, never mind, because in the right circles Mr. Harris is known for being a true innovator and leader in music, from his involvement in birthing Napalm Death and the grindcore genre right through to his ambient, experimental, noise and prolific collaborative efforts with over 9000 different artists, producers and musicians. Holy mother of fuck! You can head over to the man’s own website to try and get your head around his discography. Best of luck!

Yozza opens with what seems like real drumming (a theme explored on the previous record Refuse; Start Fires), mixing dirty and distorted bass with the usual anxious soundscapes and devastating lows. If I can be so bold I will suggest that side B is superior; opener “Shake Hands” is Scorn at it’s best, and “Name’s Not Down, Not Coming In” will warble your intestines to muck, in a good way. Cut on a 12″, the songs are phat as fuck and the mix is huge. Although this is a great EP, this isn’t the way I imagined Scorn to go out, but it’s not my fucking band and I don’t make the decisions so I’ll shut up. I will miss Scorn, but at least the music will live on his in records (not to mention the 160 other projects Mick has on the go). I’m just glad I managed to catch him live in 2011. What a fluke! Out on Ohm Resistance.