Gorgonized Dorks / Xanax Feast – Split 7″ (2008)

Gorgonized Dorks may be painfully noisy in their approach to grind, but at least they do it right. Odd keyboard tones accompany crusty drumming and a highly-punk-influenced guitar and bass performance. It’s highly infectious stuff, torn apart by vocalist Katz’ harsh laments. If you like this or not will depend entirely on your tolerance for the noisier, more distorted side of grind.

Not so much can be said for Xanax Feast, unfortunately. You can barely hear the music at all, just a purring bass line and a flurry of horrid, fake sounding cymbals. These are basically made inept by the extra-loud vocal attack of what seems to be several vocalists. It’s just so bad. It doesn’t work for me at all. Apparently, these are live recordings, so Xanax Feast may have a second chance to impress me in the future. However, I feel sorry for the label who had to pay to put this shit on a proper 7″. Apparently, these copies are extras from an initial run of 100.