Annotations of an Autopsy – Before the Throne of Infection (2008)

Despite the constant hate towards this band from the “real” and “true” corners of the death metal community, Annotations of an Autopsy seem to have, over the years, done quite well for themselves in outliving the deathcore trend and showing that they are more than just a flash in the pan. This album might have been out on the fairly trendy-underground Siege Of Amida but they have gone on to have stuff released on Nuclear Blast; a big name in metal music.

Being a lot more polished than their initial EP, we see a whole new side to Annotations on their debut album, Before the Throne of Infection. It is only album number one and already the deathcore stylings are falling to the wayside; nostalgia of that era exists in a re-recording of the song “Welcome to Sludge City” (renamed here simply “Sludge City”), and the odd gang-chorus still sneaks in every now and then, but for the most part what we get here is a somewhat commercialised spin on the slamming / brutal death metal template. Does that mean there are no more twats with silly sideways haircuts out there walking around with hoodies that read “Stay Sludge” on the top, without knowing what the fuck sludge actually is? Good.

The clean guitar passages are frankly pointless, but songs such as “Fisted To The Point Of Regurgitation” and “Prosthetic Erection” deserve a place amongst the death metal elite. It’s just a shame the hardcore death metal community will never let them in.