Yacopsae / Massgrav – Split 5″ (2007)

Two bands, four songs – every last one of them covers. Yacopsae’s usual frenetic powerviolence noise attack has been dropped here for a more punk, almost progressive (ha ha) take on things. They cover two songs, by Gang Green and Verbal Abuse respectively and they are definitely more laid back on this 5″ than the flip-side which features Massgrav, who tear into shit with no fucking remorse! Noisy and very fast, Massgrav clearly are the dominating band on this split. They cover an Eddie Meduza song and even a Swedish translation of Los Crudos’ “Asesinos”. Strange but true!

All in all not a bad release, with massive thanks going to the excellent Regurgitated Semen Records for putting it out. This tiny package is really cool to have, although I have lost it several times within the shelf of 7″s; that fucking thing is so tiny!