Methadone Abortion Clinic / Stoma – Split 7″ (2009)

And the award for best cover art ever goes to…Stoma! Ha ha. This band are becoming a long standing default in the goregrind world, and with good cause; their low-end, rumbling gurgle’n’scream sound projects them as a kind of scat and prolapse obsessed version of Regurgitate. In the vein of the sheer ridiculousness of this particular sub-genre, this can only be a good thing. Their side of this EP, entitled Rectal Cranium Inversion, is two mid-length tracks of Stoma-ery goodness. My only gripe is that it is nowhere near long enough. Boo!

Methadone Abortion Clinic on the other hand have a more clear sound, opting towards a more CBT sounding goregrind. I used to be in contact with these guys and it’s nice to see them crawl up from the obscurity of the Myspace days and sort out all their shit. This release is fucking excellent in so many ways, and it was totally worth the wait. The icing on the cake is that this was put out on the band’s own label, Utter Disgust Records. I think that name tag sums everything up nicely! It is oddly limited to 301 copies.