Merciless Precision / Toecutter HC – Split 7″ (2012)

November 22, 2012
Merciless Precision / Toecutter HC – Split 7″ (2012)

Toecutter HC kick things off with a super-fast punky grind assault, and after all the non-grind I’ve been reviewing recently I find it rather difficult to keep up! It’s all kept rather simple here, there is a no-nonsense approach which seems to be missing on a lot of records these days. Straight to the point and over before I’ve written no more than a few sentences, Toecutter HC are ones to watch in the volatile world of British grindcore.

But it’s Merciless Precision, the South West’s current go-to support act for grindcore shows, that takes the crown here! Lolling about crazily between the boundaries of brutal death and blasting hypergrind, it really is hard to think what to write about these guys. The drumming is a stand-out point; it’s mental fast and the gravity blasts are absolutely shit hot. The vocals are all over the place, from gargling grunts to spastic screams and yelps.

This record was released under a massive collaboration effort by the following the labels; Placenta RecordingsReduckulous RecordsDick Head RecordsVulgar RecordsDead Chemist Records and Brute! Productions.

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