Waking The Cadaver – Beyond Cops, Beyond God (2010)

I absolutely loved the first Waking The Cadaver record but I could never truly get my chops around Beyond Cops, Beyond God. I feel that everything I love about the WTC sound is missing here; the razor-wire guitar work, the out of time gravity blasts and THAT piccolo snare drum! Here WTC take their Devourment-by-numbers slam death sound and bash it head on into the more traditional brutal death studio sound. The quality is a massive improvement, but the polished as fuck drums and well rounded warm sound only serve to help disguise the charms that this band had on a rougher recording.

Also lot more time is spent this time round blasting away rather than chugging down. A good thing for some, but the endless slams in WTC’s songs is what I loved so much about them! A great death metal record, but a bit too typical for me to love. Reet Reeeeeeet. Out on the gloriously shite Siege of Amida Records