Disembowled Corpse – Chronic Disembowelment (2007)

Nothing screams “redneck death metal” more than having a CD out on Sevared Records and not being able to correctly spell your own band name. The label too, it seems, has issues with spelling. One shitty photoshop smear of a logo and boring cover painting later, we have Chronic Disembowelment, which despite all my sarcasm is actually fucking excellent.

The intro sample is a fucking bore but as soon as this bastard kicks in you won’t be sorry. The sound is fat and the tunings are low as fuck! The drums are full and prominent in the mix, and the vocals are interesting enough to keep me going (for death metal). I accumulated a whole bunch of crap death metal in my label days and I almost threw this out before I did a quick search on line and was reminded that Disembowled Corpse play slam death. My weak-ass tastes of today can dig that mad shit yo, so I fired up the CD player and took this album for a spin. This is good shit, and a keeper!